Real estate videos


There's no denying that video is the way to go with your real estate business.


It's not just popular with those searching for their dream home, it's also popular with those searching for the right agent.


At better communication results we offer three styles of video:

  • Property only (this includes cinematic drone footage),
  • Agent and property, and
  • Market reports.


Property only

You supply us with the gorgeous imagery from your favourite photographer and we add our drone footage and mix it all together with a modern soundtrack to create a compelling video you can upload to YouTube and Facebook. We can use your script for the voice-over, or for a small additional fee we can write the voice-over script.


Agent and property

Here's where you can showcase not only your selling skills but also your local expertise. Tell your prospects about local trends, explain to them the features and benefits of the house you are showcasing. We record you talking to camera about your house and your knowledge, then we add in all of your property photos and a modern soundtrack, then three days later email you back a link to your completed video that you can download and upload yourself to YouTube and Facebook on your own channel and page.


Market reports

Here's where, on a monthly or quarterly basis, you can keep your target market up to date with what is happening in your location (and cleverly at the same time showcase your expertise and confidence). I can add charts and graphs to your presentation, if that helps. Nothing sells your services like your knowledge.


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