Strategic communication to future-proof your business, engage your people, and support transition in a changing business environment.

We help organisations navigate the impact of changes such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

Using our experience and skills in business communication and employee engagement, we help you keep your employees and stakeholders motivated and engaged through transition, when jobs are being lost (and gained) and roles changing, and when effective communication is critical to success.

We deliver compelling communications, advice and mentoring to help your business get ahead of the curve to navigate the changes that are surely coming, if not already here.

We are results-oriented communicators passionate about delivering clear, workable solutions. We work with you to produce outcomes that are ethical and business-focused.

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“Great! Even I could understand and appreciate the content. Excellent examples, wonderful presentation. I’m going back to share with my team. Thank you. "

"The workshop was very useful in that it enabled us to directly relate what we learnt in the seminar to our business. Lee was very easy to relate to and he presented all the information in a way that was simple to understand."

“Excellent, enthusiastic presenter who is right into what he is talking about. Walking the talk. Just the right amount of info about the different topics. Not too geeky. Strong emphasis on how the tools can assist effective business communication. Relaxed friendly atmosphere. The workshop opened lots of doors, stimulating. I’m strongly encouraged to try things out. Many thanks.”

"Excellent. A really fascinating insight from an engaging speaker."

"A very difficult topic but it was explained in a fantastically simple way."

"Great to talk to someone who is expert in their field and passionate."

The future of AI and business comms

AI and the Comms profession

By Lee Hopkins | June 27, 2018

Fellow Aussie and IABC member Wayne Aspland has written a great thought-piece on the impact AI will have on the corporate comms profession. He’s also provided a very useful PowerPoint slide deck for communicators to read and present to their teams. In the paper, Wayne highlights the risks of AI, how it will continue to…

Better Communication Results podcast

bcr podcast 117: 100+ use cases of AI in organisations

By Lee Hopkins | November 19, 2018

Better Communication Results podcast, edition number 117. In today’s edition: A call to HR leaders to alleviate worker stress over AI;
100+ use cases of AI for organisations; and Microsoft further strengthens its position as an AI leader for business

Communication is key to engagement

Five ways business communicators can prepare their business for the introduction of artificial intelligence

By Lee Hopkins | November 13, 2018

Remember to increase your own knowledge about AI, get clarity and messages from the leadership team, work closely with your HR colleague, communicate regularly, and be prepared for negativity and cynicism from some pockets of the organisation.

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