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Master the art and science of TwitterMaster the art and science of Twitter for business

This report details the twelve steps you need to take to master Twitter.

There was a time when Twitter was one of the most powerful communication channels around.

Then the haters and the trolls got hold of it. Twitter is working to get rid of them.

But despite that, Twitter is still a powerful communication tool used by journalists, politicians, celebrities and everyday people who congregate around topics of interest. According to Tim Ferris, author of Tools of Titans, Twitter has always been a place where the experts, influencers, politicians and icons are most active.

I'm betting it's still relevant to your business.

20 steps to effective business communication

20 steps to effective business communication

Written for the new business communication graduate, or the busy small business owner grappling with having to not only run the business but communicate on its behalf as well.

Inside you will find 20 tips and steps that will help you shine and show your stuff.

Steps include:

  • Determine what your required business outcome is — what are you wanting to achieve in ‘number’ terms? How will you know your communication is ‘successful’?
  • Talk to them in their language.
  • Use their preferred communication channel.
  • Cost it out. Fully. Add 15% contingency. Double the time you think it will take to get everything together.

Better business writing courseBetter Business Writing — a five-day course

A five-day course that teaches you how to write for business.

You've always wanted to write better in your workplace, but perhaps there were no training courses around to help you.

Now there is.

You don't have to fly me over to your city to present this five-day course in person—which would cost your company A LOT of money! I ran this exact course over in Dubai for IIR.

Instead, you can take this course, at your own pace, in your own time (or perhaps in your employer's time, with their permission!) and rapidly develop the skills required to help your company grow through effective written communication.