bcr vidcast 113: Mei wants to help you text better

Better Communication Results vidcast

Edition 113 of the Better Communication Results vidcast. Today: How a new AI system, Mei, could help people understand each other better when they use technology to communicate,
Taking charge in implementing artificial intelligence governance,
Sprechen Sie AI? and
DARPA invests $2bn in third wave AI

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bcr vidcast 111: Mad about Lucy

      G’day and welcome to Better Communication Results vidcast, edition 111. In today’s video we: ask what is Artificial General Intelligence;  are mad about Lucy;  might be closer to human machines than we think; discuss using AI to benefit your email marketing; and  consider reading your employees’ emails. What is artificial general intelligence?…

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bcr vidcast 109: Creativity and AI

Getty Images 'Panels'

G’day, I’m Lee Hopkins. Welcome to bcr vidcast 109. Three stories to report today: Getty Images uses AI to save busy editors time; Marks and Spencer are going to train 1,000 employees in AI and machine learning; and will AI take your creative job? Getty Images and AI Getty Images has launched a new AI…

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