The future of AI as it pertains to content communication?

Business communicator working with AI tools

IABC colleague Catherine Scott put me onto a Hubspot article about AI and content communication. The article is breathless in its prose but makes the important point that AI will eventually provide us with aid, in the shape of targetted content for marketers and personalised content for emails. AI will help us source data, compile…

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AI in content repurposing – DesignrrAI

Artificial Intelligence and Designrr

I’ve just watched an interesting webinar* from the chap who founded Designrr, the content repurposing tool. Designrr¬†takes your existing blog content and turns it into an attractive pdf, complete with eye-catching cover, that you can use as a lead magnet. Designrr’s next phase of operation is using AI to create content. Let me explain. Let’s…

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AI and the Comms profession

The future of AI and business comms

Fellow Aussie and IABC member Wayne Aspland has written a great thought-piece on the impact AI will have on the corporate comms profession. He’s also provided a very useful PowerPoint slide deck for communicators to read and present to their teams. In the paper, Wayne highlights the risks of AI, how it will continue to…

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