Three types of chatbot

Conversation chatbot

According to IBM’s Mitch Mason, who makes a lot of them, there are three types of chatbots: Support chatbots; Skills chatbots; and Assistant chatbots.

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AI videos for organisations

Christopher S. Penn with a timely set of videos Christopher S. Penn (@cspenn) is one of our marketing heroes. He’s long been a fan of data-driven marketing, and is now a champion for AI in the organisation, working with IBM on showing organisations how they can join the fourth industrial revolution. Here are some of…

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AI for marketers

marketers and AI 2018 - ADWEEK

I’ve just come across this useful infographic on the projected use of AI in the field of marketing. Notable reflections include the Internet of Things is possibly more likely to occupy marketers’ time next year, then AI.

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Albert signifies a growing trend in AI and marketing comms

Ai engine Albert is showing how AI will take the grunt work away, leaving marketers with the higher-value creative tasks. Although some agencies are even happy to outsource even some of the creative components to AI. has released a report on the use of AI in the marketing space. Key insights include: Both brands…

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Alibaba claims AI copywriting engine passes Turing test

Alibaba says it has a copywriting AI program that is used nearly a million times a day

Alimama, the digital marketing arm of Alibaba, has stated it has an AI copywriting tool that is used nearly a million times a day and that it passes the Turing test. Used extensively on Chinese e-commerce sites Tmall and Taobao, the engine takes existing copy and learns what ‘works’ and what doesn’t. It then serves the operator/content…

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