bcr podcast 110: What purpose do companies serve in an AI world?

Better Communication Results podcast

In this edition of the Better Communication Results podcast we look at five things: Advertising brands have yet to tap into the power of AIThe real payoff from AI is yet to happenWhat purpose do companies serve in an AI world?What’s a chatbot?Permission requested and companies will bear the brunt of mishaps Available to listen…

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Three types of chatbot

Conversation chatbot

According to IBM’s Mitch Mason, who makes a lot of them, there are three types of chatbots: Support chatbots; Skills chatbots; and Assistant chatbots.

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What is AI good for?

Christopher S. Penn

Christopher S. Penn answers the question, ‘What is AI good for?’. He looks at the four knowns and unknowns and helps managers understand where AI might or might not be a good fit for their organisation.

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AI videos for organisations

Christopher S. Penn with a timely set of videos Christopher S. Penn (@cspenn) is one of our marketing heroes. He’s long been a fan of data-driven marketing, and is now a champion for AI in the organisation, working with IBM on showing organisations how they can join the fourth industrial revolution. Here are some of…

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