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We offer strategic communication and engagement advice to businesses, to help them deliver effective communication and engagement when their organisation is going through periods of fundamental change, such as the introduction of artificial intelligence.


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Lee Hopkins

Online communication specialist

I have nearly 30 years of experience helping businesses improve their digital and social communications.

Working from a strategic perspective, I help businesses define their communication strategy, goals and the channels they can use to reach and engage key stakeholders.

At the onset, I was at the forefront of the business use of social media, enlightening organisations about the power, influence and value social media for business. I wrote three books about it. Now, artificial intelligence is the new disrupter and I am working again with organisations to initiate their preparations and tap into the potential of this next digital transformational change, while there’s still time.

Jo Curkpatrick 


Communication and Engagement Professional
As a highly motivated and qualified professional, my aim is to deliver communication outcomes that meet (and exceed) business objectives. That's why I'm working with Lee, to use my skills in communication and engagement to deliver sound, innovative and effective results based on my knowledge of people and business, and a passion for great communication.

Having worked across the public and private sectors, and in consultancy—locally, nationally and internationally—I bring skills and experience in internal communication, community and stakeholder relations, brand recognition and credibility, and positive media (print, electronic, digital and social).

I love what I do and my enthusiasm and passion for the value of communication in all its forms to an organisation's success drives my day.

Some of our clients

ANZ Bank
Arc Group Asia
Ballarat Community Health
Bower Place Consulting
Bristol-Myers Squibb
BT Financial Services
City of Ballarat
Clarity Communications
Clements HR and Management
Clusters Asia Pacific
Constellation Wines
Coos Bay Business Association
CPA Australia
Dassault Systemes
Deakin University
Dymocks Adelaide

Effective Consulting & Rehabilitation
EPA Victoria
Fusion Design Consultants
IIR - Middle East
In-Business magazine
Invisage Australia
Loud Communications
MBF Australia
MBF Health
Media Monitors Australia
Melbourne Water
Melcrum (Asia Pacific)
Melcrum Publications
Michael Lenthall & Associates
Michels Warren PR
NSW Dept Education & Trng
Powerlink Queensland
PRIA - National, NSW, SA, WA
River Strategy & Design

Robert Berton & Associates
Roma Mitchell Secondary College
Salvation Army
Stellar PR
Stirling Family Church
Supreme Education Council – Doha, Qatar
The Insight Exchange
Tilt Renewables
Transurban Victoria
UFS Pharmacies
Victorian Department of Transport
Whittle & Skok Financial Services
Women’s Health Grampians

Some testimonials

"One of the best days I've spent with a man!"

"As a speaker, Lee and his alter ego in the guise of avatar 'Lee Laperriere' played a key role in making our virtual event in Second Life a success. Lee was well-researched, engaging and enthusiastic about the possibilities that virtual collaboration brings and his presentation showed that he had really thought about the needs of our audience"

"Wow - what a presentation, it went so well, thank you very much! Fantastic job! "

"Lindy and Lee, you were both brilliant and I'm very thankful and pleased for your efforts, it was excellent. Thank you. "

"One of Australia's leading public relations practitioners in the so-called new media"

"While I only had the pleasure of actually meeting Lee face-to-face several months ago, I have been aware of him in conference programs and through feedback from one of my team members for a while. Lee has an amazing and unique skill for managing the new media to support business outcomes"

"Oz's best social network strategist"

"As for Local Royalty, you really are a Superstar among the bloggers and blogosphere!"

"Lee Hopkins, one of Australia's most respected social media experts"

"Lee was very entertaining and knowledgeable. He demystified social media for me and he made me feel it IS possible."

"His enthusiasm is infectious - exciting stuff!"

"Excellent. A really fascinating insight from an engaging speaker."

"A very difficult topic but it was explained in a fantastically simple way."

"The Walkleys relies on the good will of Australia’s talented communicators to make events like these happen and I can’t thank you enough for taking time out from your heavy schedule to make the convention such a memorable event."

"The workshop was very useful in that it enabled us to directly relate what we learnt in the seminar to our business. Lee was very easy to relate to and he presented all the information in a way that was simple to understand."

"Informative and engaging - gave good overview of new on-line technologies and how they can be applied to businesses. Particularly valued the opportunity to have a separate session to look at the specific needs and potential uses for my own business."

"Great to talk to someone who is expert in their field and passionate."

"The ability to interact one on one with Lee, as well as seeing new technologies and how they can be easily implemented into current business processes [was great]"

"Great. Lee was very engaging and presented info in easy to understand language and examples. Use of music, video, PowerPoint etc keep contents fun and educational. Great stuff!"

“Great! Even I could understand and appreciate the content. Excellent examples, wonderful presentation. I’m going back to share with my team. Thank you. "

“Lee was a great facilitator and his energy and passion for social media was evident."

“Excellent, enthusiastic presenter who is right into what he is talking about. Walking the talk. Just the right amount of info about the different topics. Not too geeky. Strong emphasis on how the tools can assist effective business communication. Relaxed friendly atmosphere. The workshop opened lots of doors, stimulating. I’m strongly encouraged to try things out. Many thanks.”

“Lee was great – knowledgeable, enthusiastic, generous in sharing his expertise. I liked the demonstrations."

"Great Workshop... helped me crystalise my thoughts on social media and now I feel ready to develop the strategy and make use of this great new medium"