CSCE releases AI survey, global voices chip in

The release of the CSCE’s global readiness survey for artificial intelligence’s introduction into the workplace is out, and is great reading. You can pick up a copy of the final report for yourself and there’s also a useful overview from some key thinkers around the globe on this very relevant topic.

Here’s some graphics to get you warmed up for the report:

The state of AI and communication in organisations -
Percentage of respondents who are not communicating about artificial intelligence -
More than 170 communication professionals in 24 countries -
What are your organisation's plans for using AI communication tools in the next year? -
How ready are we for artificial intelligence? -
Percentage that feels artificial intelligence gives an opportunity to provide significant value -
Percentage that feels advocating for adoption of artificial intelligence tools is an important role -

Grab yourself a copy of this excellent report from CSCE today.

If the report stirs you and you want to discuss the implications further, please don’t hesitate to either call Jo and I, email us, or call the report authors direct in Melbourne.

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