CSCE releases 2019 AI playbook

In a chilling report, it seems that respondents around the globe to the CSCE’s 2019 survey of communication professionals feel that the profession is not yet ready for AI implementation in their workplace.

“It’s time to ask ourselves some very tough questions about our
capabilities, our position as strategic advisors and how we are
adopting AI tools within the communication function.”

Adrian Cropley

The IABC in NSW recently allowed Jo and I to present to their members on this very subject, and the discussion during and after our presentation was lively (read our report on the presentation and see the slides).

If you’d like Jo and I to present to your communications team about the fascinating and topical subject of artificial intelligence, please email us ( or or call us on 08 8120 0300. Or book a meeting with us now and we’ll come to your place and talk with you and your team.

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