New artificial intelligence survey for communication professionals

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence invites you to participate in the second annual Communicating Artificial Intelligence (AI) survey, an industry survey to benchmark what communication professionals know, think and are doing on AI communication now, and what they plan to do in the future.

The results will be used to develop a Communicating AI Playbook that communication professionals can use to initiate a stronger, better dialogue on these issues and build capacity and sustainability for the organisations they lead.

In choosing to participate, you add your voice to a global network of communication professionals who are joining together to meet these challenges, embrace this new reality and advise their organisations on the best and most ethical way to communicate.

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence is proud to sponsor this survey, administered by Centre alliance member HeimannHills Marketing Group and supported by the IABC Foundation

The results of the research are expected to be released in late April 2019.

As a thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, we’ll share an advanced copy of the results with you in early April 2019. You’ll find the details about how to get your advanced copy once you’ve completed the survey.

How to participate in the survey
The survey is available until 25 March. If you are an employee or contractor of a company, please use that company in answering all the questions. If you are a consultant or agency to a company, please select one company as the focus for all your survey responses.

All individual responses are confidential and will be combined with the responses of other communication professionals to identify trends and practices.

Feel free to share the survey on social media or forward it to communication professionals who are currently working in external and/or internal organisational communication.

If you have technical issues with the survey, please contact Mary Hills at or Adrian Cropley at

Thank you for your participation. Take the survey now

We post updates about once or twice a week, usually at the beginning of the week.