BCR vidcast 121: A new voice for Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant?

In today’s show:

  1. Samsung hires a big gun for its AI ambitions
  2. The world’s first genderless digital assistant voice
  3. How AI is transforming the Smart Cities IoT

1. Samsung hires a big gun for its AI ambitions

Korean company Samsung has gone on a hiring spree for its AI ambitions.

It has bolstered its employee ranks by taking on experts on artificial intelligence (AI), big data and robotics to further drive business growth in core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Wei Gu-yeon, Samsung Research Fellow in AI
Wei Gu-yeon, Samsung Research Fellow

To increase its capabilities in the AI sector, Samsung hired Harvard University professor Wei Gu-yeon as a “fellow” of the firm’s AI research center Samsung Research.

“Samsung has given the fellow position, which is the highest post of the firm’s research sector, to the world’s best expert in the field,” the firm said.

At Samsung Research, Wei will work on developing next-generation processors that are based on neural processing units.

Working as a professor of engineering and computer science of Harvard University since 2002, Wei is recognised as one of the world’s foremost authorities in the low-power and high-performance AI processor sector.

Source: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/tech/2019/03/133_266353.html

2. The world’s first genderless digital assistant voice

The world’s first non-binary voice for digital assistants has been released.

Named ‘Q’, the voice has both male and female notes, harmonised to create a soothing yet authoritative voice.

There’s a Now This video where you can listen to the voice and decide for yourself whether there is a place for a voice like this in your life. Already you can choose from a male or female voice for your digital assistant. Will you soon be able to choose a third option?

The makers are hoping to work with Apple, Amazon and Google to incorporate Q into Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Source: https://nowthisnews.com/videos/future/this-is-reportedly-the-worlds-first-genderless-ai-voice

3. How AI is transforming the Smart Cities IoT

Artificial Intelligence (AI), together with IoT, has the potential to address the key challenges posed by excessive urban population; they can help with traffic management, healthcare, energy crises, and many other issues. IoT data and AI technology can improve the lives of the citizens and businesses that inhabit a smart city.

Smart Cities IoT map of influencing possibilities. AI can add to the power of this map.

The city of Barcelona is a prime example where the implementation of IoT systems created an estimated 47,000 jobs, saved €42.5 million on water, and generated an extra €36.5 million a year through smart parking.

Adding artificial intelligence to the mix just increases the benefits becoming available to smart cities. AI algorithms and techniques for automating city services, based on long-term data analysis, can help find ways to improve the performance of control applications in cities.

Source: https://hub.packtpub.com/how-ai-is-transforming-the-smart-cities-iot-tutorial/

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