AI’s influence on business as a whole

AI has a tremendous influence on business

According to IBM, 85% of customer service will be handled without a human agent by the year 2020. Amidst the ongoing argument of whether it’s better to let computers take over, it’s hard to deny the obvious: the benefits of AI aided customer service are bar none. AI-based customer service isn’t a “choose your own adventure” story, like some self-service phone menus we’re all used to. With software that learns more about customer behaviour as it gathers more data, it can predict needs and potential solutions.

Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing

Through the use of two methods, machine learning, and natural language processing, AI has developed into an aspect of our daily lives. Customer service is just one of many industries that have begun to benefit from the possibilities that AI brings. As more brands and companies lean toward the “self help” form of customer service, AI is proving to be an incredible asset.

Artificial intelligence allows for a company to learn more about the behavior of their customers as they interact with the product or their website. For customer service, this means that they can predict what customers may have questions about or what problems they may be having based on the searches they’ve performed. Chat bots are more able than ever to use natural language processing to interact with customers, allowing round-the-clock service and responsiveness.

Internal Communications

On the other side of the spectrum, AI not only improves experiences for your users and customers, it can help streamline your business’ production and provide feedback that can improve employee training. A large part of creating a fully integrated workplace is unified communications (UC). The UC of today has become more than just voice over internet protocol (VoIP), video chat, and instant messaging. It now includes many collaborative tools like virtual whiteboards and document management as well. With smarter tools and the analytics provided by AI backed software, businesses are able to make more informed decisions to drive their companies forward.

Additionally, with the increase of on-demand services available outside of the workplace, expectations of the same calibre pertaining to the workplace are beginning to rise. When done correctly, AI infused UC can serve the right content to the right people in the right way at the right time, mitigating those frustrations and leading to a rise in efficiency. As this industry grows, we can only learn more about the ways to best use the harvested data to improve workflow and existing processes. In the meantime, continued communication is key.

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