bcr podcast 117: 100+ use cases of AI in organisations

Welcome to the Better Communication Results podcast, edition number 117

In today’s show:

  • A call to HR leaders to alleviate worker stress over AI;
  • 100+ use cases of AI for organisations; and
  • Microsoft further strengthens its position as an AI leader for business.

Why communication and HR leaders, working in partnership, should ease workforce anxiety about AI

Ken Goldberg, professor of engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and also the co-writer of Cognitive Diversity: AI & The Future of Work, suggests the mass-media inflamed threats of AI are unwarranted. With the help of HR leaders, AI can empower a workforce and improve the employee experience.

AI has the potential to discard mundane routines such as data entry, meetings scheduling, clerical paperwork and email filtering so employees can invest their energy on tasks they enjoy. These new tasks emphasise originality, curiosity, imagination, human communication and many other traits that AI doesn’t possess so far.

Professor Goldberg feels that the technology of AI is still in its infancy and not deserving of the doom and gloom predictions. He feels that HR professionals have a strong say in how AI will be accepted in the workplace.

And we say that HR will need to work with Communication professionals if the message on AI is to be most effectively broadcast. The time is now for Comms professionals to work with their HR colleagues and together craft some messages.

Source: Why HR leaders should ease workforce anxiety on AI – https://www.humanresourcesonline.net/why-hr-leaders-should-ease-workforce-anxiety-on-ai-2/



100+ use cases of AI in organisations

Applied.ai have compiled a very useful guide on AI as it is currently being used in organisations.

The list is broken down into functional categories, such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Service. You can readily drill down to find more information about how various packages are stacked and layered, to bring about useable end results.

You can also find out about solutions for your industry, such as Retail, Telecomms, Financial Services, and more. As Applied.ai say in their Retail guide, “e-Commerce still compromises a few percentage points of total retail, however Amazon is already one of the most valuable companies in the world. AI will create opportunities far greater than e-commerce. Autonomous drones can enable cheap, fast deliveries. Robots in warehouses and retail aisles will improve productivity and bring a new level of transparency to operations. e-Commerce will be transformed with truly personalized recommendations leveraging machine vision as well as machine learning.”

Find the guides and the use cases that matter for your own business at applied.ai/

AI Case library — https://appliedai.com/use-cases/1
AI Industry guides — https://appliedai.com/sectors



Microsoft has some useful resources for those new to AI

In a recent survey in New Zealand, fifty-two per cent of businesses claimed AI will be a game changer in the way they operate. Those that don’t embrace AI face the possibility of having either their own job or the many jobs they are responsible for significantly impacted by AI or the AI-driven services of rivals.

A Google search for AI help for businesses unearths a plethora of resources, but most of these are technically focused and preach to the converted.

Microsoft New Zealand has stepped up and created a swag of resources to help that aren’t too technical. They are designed for the manager and practitioner who needs to understand what AI is and what its impact is going to be.

They have collated a large library of training material for anybody seeking help. It’s easy to use as different resources have been compartmentalised for different requirements, so you just access what you need. It’s easy to skim through all the material. Simply look at the section summaries and bullet points.

For NZ readers:
Take FREE Microsoft AI courses today, and download the FREE AI Practice Managers Guide — https://partner.microsoft.com/en-nz/community/partner-hub/future-ready

For Australian readers:
Microsoft’s AI portal — https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/ai/



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