CSCE releases report on Business Communicator readiness for AI

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence has just released its report on the readiness of business communicators to meet the communication needs of their employers in an AI world.

CSCE 2018 Communicating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Global Report - cover
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The number of communicators thinking that AI is not going to affect them is worrying. Only 35% of communicators surveyed said they were communicating about AI. It seems that business communicators, the voice and conscience of organisations, are too busy in the here-and-now of their role to take on further work around artificial intelligence.

Discussions we’ve had with communicators point to a ‘once it hits me I’ll deal with it then’ attitude. This was precisely the attitude many of our peers had in 2005/6 with the advent of social media. Our peers were wrong to dismiss social media then as irrelevant, and they are similarly wrong to wait for artificial intelligence to land on their desks. By then, it will be too late. Employees need communicating with now, not at some time off in the future.

What to do when machines do everything - book cover

Even a cursory glance at chapter 2 of Frank, Roehrig and Pring’s book, ‘What to do when machines do everything’ will confirm that we are in the lull before the latest industrial revolution’s storm. Futurists always point to the big things when it comes to industrial revolutions, yet it is the smaller players that make the most change.

We have seen social media go from an eccentric techfest in 2004, written off by businesses large and small as ‘not for me’, to be a major mover and shaker in the world of commerce and information. So too will it be with AI: the small and medium sized businesses, and their enterprise big brothers and sisters, will be radically transformed by third-party vendors at this moment probably not yet formed.

Better that we all do all we can to find out more about this coming onslaught, and get the on right side of history.

CSCE 2018 report infographic

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