Are content writers going to lose their jobs?

Not for quite a while yet, maybe even decades

Young female content writer
Young female content writer

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether jobs will be lost with the introduction of artificial intelligence into the workplace.  Particularly, low-level and entry-level jobs are suggested as two areas where artificial intelligence might first be introduced.

One of those jobs is SEO and social media content writer.

Julia McCoy looked at a number of AI players and whether they were likely to replace human content writers. The answer, as always, is ‘it depends’. 

If you are writing sports or financial reports content, then certainly you can use AI to free up your time to focus on more value-add and creative tasks. But if you are writing more long-form content, where there is emotion or history involved, then certainly your skills will still be needed. 

How long for? At least another decade is our considered opinion. Developments in AI are speeding up, but there’s still a lot of ground that algorithms have to cover if they are to write with the style, wit, sense of history and emotion of the best humans.

Unless your employer is very well-heeled and can afford to pay for expensive tools like Quill or Wordsmith (think in the region of US$100,000+), your job is safe for another decade.

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