Will my job go because of AI?

Possibly, but more likely your job will change rather than disappear. 

Jobs will more likely change, mass extinction of jobs unlikely

Digital Trends has a useful article on workplace trends that could be handy to circulate around your workforce. We are all looking for job-safe AI.

Arguing that AI is so far proving itself to be like the other three industrial revolutions—it creates as well as makes redundant—the unknown author of the article says that disruption will be large-scale, but job losses probably minor.

“Intelligence, whether it’s AI or knowledge, is going to become like electricity where basically you just ‘plug in’ to it.”

Our take

From all that we have read, all that we have heard and all of our experience working in the field of communication, we don’t think that communicators will be made redundant by AI. Communicators will be freed up to spend more time on the strategic rather than tactical aspects of the business.

We agree with PwC that manufacturing and transport jobs are likely to go in bulk, but consider the humble pilot: he or she now does very little on a flight, but the crucial take-off and landing are theirs to command and control. Or consider the humble road-side council worker: digging machinery took away their shovels, but now they are needed to command and control the diggers. Long-distance truck drivers will likely become road pilots: there for the start and always vigilant in case something needs human input.

And further comfort can be taken from British retailer Marks and Spencer, who recently announced they were going to put 1,000 of their staff through AI training in order to create a future-ready workforce. 

The future is change, but hasn’t that always been the way.

Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/working-with-ai-could-keep-everyone-in-work-for-longer/

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