What is AI good for?

A Christopher S. Penn video

“We look to understanding what we know and don’t know about our problem to determine whether AI is a good fit or not. 

Known knowns: we know the destination and how to get there

Known unknowns: we know the destination but not how to get there

Unknown knowns: we know the area but don’t know where to go

Unknown unknowns: we don’t know the area or where we’re going”

CS Penn

What can AI do?

Answer: The Three As – Acceleration, Accuracy and Alleviation

  • Acceleration – getting to the answer faster; 
  • Accuracy – anything to do with mathematics and probability you will get a better answer from a machine that a human most of the time; and 
  • Alleviation – offloading lower-value tasks to machines so that humans are freed up to do more valuable work.

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