bcr vidcast 109: Creativity and AI

G’day, I’m Lee Hopkins. Welcome to bcr vidcast 109.

Three stories to report today: Getty Images uses AI to save busy editors time; Marks and Spencer are going to train 1,000 employees in AI and machine learning; and will AI take your creative job?

Getty Images and AI

Getty Images has launched a new AI feature, ‘Panels’, to help newsroom editors choose appropriate imagery for their stories.

The process is that you either copy and paste in your story, or point Panels to a story that is already online, and it analyses the words your writer has used to pick the most appropriate imagery. Kind of like image search algorithms already in existence, but working not only on keywords but also on semantics.

“Here’s how it works: When someone enters in the URL for a story or copies and pastes in the text, Panels will analyze the words before suggesting people, places and things that appear in the story after weighing different options based on frequency and relevance.”

I already have that capability with the software I use to create these vidcasts, and that software doesn’t use AI, but what I don’t have is the gorgeous quality and quantity of imagery available from Getty.

One day…

Source: https://www.adweek.com/digital/getty-images-is-using-artificial-intelligence-to-help-newsrooms-choose-better-photos

British retailer embarks on a mammoth digital transformation

British retailer Marks and Spencer have announced they are going to train 1,000 staff (including marketers) in AI, in order to remain competitive as an employer and a business.

“This is our biggest digital investment in our people to date and the creation of the M&S Data Academy will upskill colleagues and provide them with an in-depth level of digital literacy as well as a Data Analytics qualification”—M&S boss Steve Rowe

A thousand staff, across most of the business, will undergo training in AI and machine learning. Every employee also has the opportunity to undertake more formal, 18-month long, training in Data Analytics to receive a data analytics qualification accredited by the British Computing Society.

“Transformation of our business is key to survival and a huge part of this lies with our colleagues. We need to change our digital behaviours, mindsets and our culture to make the business fit for the digital age”—Steve Rowe

Source: https://www.marketingweek.com/2018/07/30/marks-spencer-data-academy/?ct_5b5eeeeb6ba70=5b5eeeeb6bb1b

Creativity and AI

Does AI mean the end of work for creatives? If current trends are to be believed, the answer is no, the creative thinker will still have a job in five years’ time.

A recent presentation showed examples of AI thinking and creativity. Tasked with finding suitable names for paint shades, an algorithm came up with such gems as ‘‘sindis poop’, ‘ronching blue’ and ‘burble simp’.

Similarly, with lipstick shades, a different algorithm came up with such stunning names as ‘sugar beef’, ‘sex orange’ and ‘bang berry’.

There’s still a bit of work to do before AI algorithms can take a seat at the creative table, but I note that since AI has written some poetry and had it published, perhaps it won’t be too long before long-form content creation for marketers arrives. Already, short-form content has been created.

Source: https://www.businesslive.co.za/redzone/news-insights/2018-07-30-does-ai-mean-the-end-of-creativity/

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