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Diverse voices required

Interesting post from We Are Social‘s Chief Strategy Officer Mobbie Nazir recently.

In her post, Mobbie argues that women and diverse minorities should be included in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms, including machine learning.

As with many things in this world, women are under-represented in the technology space (I would argue under-represented in any role that is reasonably well paid and certainly at senior manager and above levels).

But the development of superior intelligence needs to have more than male voices, be they Anglo-Saxon, Indian or Chinese. I think the fact that the EU is looking very closely at AI, and wanting to be a major player in its development, augers well for the inclusion of normally-excluded voices.

But with China and the USA being the dominant players in the AI space, activity to include women and diverse voices needs to happen. Melinda Gates’ AI4All initiative is a good starting point, as is the renewed focus on STEM subjects at school.

Read Mobbie’s post either here or on the Huffington Post.

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