Oracle and the use of machine learning to improve sales and marketing

Oracle's Amanda Jobbins

Amanda Jobbins, Oracle’s CMO for EMEA and JAPAC, has very strong views when it comes to the use of AI and machine learning at Oracle.

When your company is one of the world’s largest providers of machine learning technology for business purposes, it makes sense to be selling that technology from a position of practical application.

Amanda has taken machine learning into the realm of lead acquisition and conversion.

“The Holy Grail here is to identify a customer right at the moment when they are ready to fully engage or ready to make a transaction, or have a question where they really want to talk to you,” she tells CMO. “We ran millions of previously successful leads through a machine learning algorithm, so that it could deduce what typically turned out to be a right prospect. And then we applied that algorithm to our current lead engine.

“And it looks like it has a 10 times better prediction of the quality of a lead than our previous methodology.”

Sure, the technology still needs refinement—if Amanda set the machine to 100% then a whole lot of leads would be excluded from the follow-up, but there is definitely a substantial improvement on old methods of classification.

Amanda is currently also working with self-service and chatbots to refine the sales process, but AI has definitely made its mark on a major influencer and marketer.



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