Albert signifies a growing trend in AI and marketing comms

Albert.aiAi engine Albert is showing how AI will take the grunt work away, leaving marketers with the higher-value creative tasks. Although some agencies are even happy to outsource even some of the creative components to AI. has released a report on the use of AI in the marketing space.

Key insights include:

  • Both brands and agencies are looking to AI to get more value from their marketing investments.
  • Both brand-side marketers and agencies use AI systems to identify new audiences. Automating this work facilitates an agency’s ability to offer enhanced audience-identification as a service and increase value to brands.
  • Agencies tend to focus on AI’s performance benefits—such as increased sales and return on advertising spend (ROAS)—at the campaign level. Brand-side marketers are more likely to focus on cost containment and undervalue how the insights AI-driven marketing generates may benefit the organization as a whole.
  • Agencies are more comfortable than brand-side marketers applying AI-based insights to the “creative” aspects of campaigns, such as image and video creation, copywriting, keyword selection and/or non-digital campaign assets.
  • The top perceived drawback to using AI-based marketing systems is the alleged inability to communicate with the system, despite a move by vendors toward easy-to-use query and modification functions.

Both brands and agencies are keen to get more value from AI, and are only slightly hesitant to delve deeper into the program to reap the rewards.


My take

The evolution of business communication continues apace. Grunt work will increasingly be outsourced to AI engines, leaving the higher value creative and direction-setting work to be handled by human operatives. But a skillset that needs to be grown is handling and manipulating AI programs in order to generate the returns required.

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