Is social media worth it?

Is social media worth it?

One thing that people still ask me is, “Is social media worth it?”

The answer is a guarded, ‘Yes’.

I say ‘guarded’ because social media takes time and effort, it’s an investment in your business much like any investment you make. And much like any other investment you make, it has its risks and its rewards.

If you pay attention to your social media efforts, if you come back day after day, or week after week, for two years, you will be rewarded. But if you try something haphazardly, ‘give it a go’ and fail to get a good response straight away and so give up, you will miss out on the insights that your community, your tribe, will share with you. You will fail to generate any connection with your audience and they won’t care what you say or do.

But put the time and effort in and you WILL be rewarded. The path to success is an easy one—it just takes commitment, persistence, and sweat. Social mediarise consistently for two years and you will reap the rewards.


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