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5 social media faux pas that will ruin your business reputation

internet rage

Guest post by John Terra. Social media offers rich potential for reaching out to new customers, building a relationship with them, and increasing your business’ visibility and brand. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to all of this easy communication. Much in the same way that customers can get first-hand information about your new products, services, and…

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Who owns your communications?

G’day. I have a question for you: Who ‘owns’ the communications you put out? If you’re a solo entrepreneur or a micro business, then the answer is probably, “me.” But if you are a medium-sized business the answer is more complex. Sure, you probably have a communications or marketing person in your company, and they…

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Is social media worth it?

One thing that people still ask me is, “Is social media worth it?” The answer is a guarded, ‘Yes’. I say ‘guarded’ because social media takes time and effort, it’s an investment in your business much like any investment you make. And much like any other investment you make, it has its risks and its…

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