You are a busy communicator with a plate full of tactical and strategic outputs to manage. You've heard about the potential for artificial intelligence to completely upend your business. You've heard the rumours that up to 30% of your workforce might go. It is scary and certainly challenging for a communicator or senior leader.

What you're looking for is a credible voice to provide the guidance you need to prepare for the transition and ensure communication and engagement makes the transition successful: for the business, stakeholders and employees.

Better Communication Results brings peace of mind around artificial intelligence and its impact on communication. We are experienced communicators who saw our profession stall and stumble over social media, and we don't want that experience repeated with artificial intelligence.

We'll help your understanding of artificial intelligence, what it will do and how smart communicators can get ahead of the curve and prepare in advance for the changes that are surely coming.

We are results-oriented communicators who are passionate about delivering clear, workable solutions. We work with you to produce outcomes that are ethical and business-focused.

Geoff Livingston

Marketing: the channel is dead, long live the holistic

By Lee Hopkins | September 21, 2018

A focus on a single channel as a saviour of your marketing activities might be okay in 2018, but in the AI world of 2019 and beyond, will be increasingly irrelevant.

Are content writers going to lose their jobs?

By Lee Hopkins | September 18, 2018

Unless your employer is very well-heeled and can afford to pay for expensive tools like Quill or Wordsmith (think in the region of US$100,000+), your content writing job is safe for another decade.

Better Communication Results podcast

bcr podcast 113: Mei wants to help you text

By Lee Hopkins | September 17, 2018

bcr podcast 113: How a new AI system, Mei, could help people understand each other better when they use technology to communicate; taking charge of implementing artificial intelligence governance; Sprechen Sie AI? and DARPA invests $2bn in third wave AI

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