You are the principal communicator of a successful business, but you know your communications could achieve more.

Or you are a recent graduate, in your first job as a marketer, PR person or social media tactician. You are perhaps unsure of where to put your time and effort.

Or you're the owner of a small-to-medium sized business who has a Facebook page because someone said you should have one. But you have no real idea what do do with it or why.

I can help all three of you.

G'day, I'm Lee Hopkins.

With over 25 years of experience in helping businesses navigate the online world, and with a strong background in social media (I have spoken internationally on social media, and written three books), I believe real communications ROI comes from graft and craft, not magically inflating follower numbers.

The race to the biggest number of followers on social media is foolish—better to have 1,000 raving fans than 10,000 followers. Raving fans spread your brand through word of mouth, followers don't. Raving fans will repeat buy from you, followers won't.

Together, you and I, we can explore new—and refine old—methods of reaching your fans and interacting with them.

Oh, and I'm fascinated by the explosion of AI and machine learning programs and how they are rapidly changing the business communication landscape. So I often blog about it. Subscribe to my blog to stay up to date with what's going on in the meeting of AI and business communication.

Lee Hopkins


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